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New BMW Aimed at Younger Drivers

15 February, 2007

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BMW is planning radical steps to lower the average age of its customers.

The latest BMW sports machine is designed very much around the younger driver, who is pre-occupied with the great issues of the day; namely emissions, comfort and pedestrian safety.

In introducing the electric-powered BMW Z4 Roadster, available only in metallic blue paint finish, BMW has dispensed with one of its most evocative signatures, the iconic straight six-cylinder engine exhaust warble, but the corollary is that exhaust emissions are reduced to zero.

Driver comfort in this light-weight single-seater sportster is ensured via an adjustable seat, while pedestrian safety took on an all-important focus for designers as this vehicle is intended for on-pavement use, rather than on or off-road use.

The fitment of a double brake function means drivers retain full control at all times despite their limited motoring experience. BMW expects the average age of owners to be within the three to five years age-bracket.

Top speed is electronically limited to 4 km/h, and given the traditional BMW 50/50 weight distribution, svelte shape and full body detailing, it will keep budding sportscar drivers amused for around 90 minutes before requiring a pit stop to recharge their batteries, (and most likely have a nap).

Drivers will rarely find them selves in a traffic jam, but with both forward and reverse gears, they will be able to get themselves out of trouble with ease.

Rubber wheels and the near silent electric motor mean slipping unobtrusively around the garden will be a breeze. Watch out, Fido.

Priced at $649, the Z4 Electric Pedal Car is available from BMW dealers nationwide.

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