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Bugatti Supercar showcases 18 Cylinder Volkswagen Engine

8 October, 1998

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Italdesign is presenting a Coupe study of the top luxury class commissioned by Volkswagen at this year’s Paris Motor Show: the Bugatti EB 118. Italdesign is this represented for the first time at the Autosalon Mondial L’Automobiles in Paris and this study demonstrates, once again, the high performance levels and independence of the company, which has been working for automobile manufacturers worldwide for thirty years.

With the EB 118, Giorgetto Giugiaro has taken the representative dimensions and the unmistakable form of the classic Bugatti automobiles and has brought them right up to date. The recognisable lines of earlier Bugatti touring vehicles and the continuation of the elegance in a modern form make the new two door Coupe unmistakable.

The dimensions of the EB 118 (length 5.05m / width 1.99m / height 1.42m) also stands comparison with its predecessors in the history of Bugatti.

The model name EB 118 is taken from the first 18 cylinder engine to be used in a passenger vehicle. This engine, which was developed at Volkswagen and has a deliberately compact construction, has three banks of 6 cylinders joined together in a “W” formation. This promises the lowest possible levels of engine noise.

With a displacement of 6.3 litres, the W18, which is fitted with petrol direct injection, develops an output of 408 kW (555 bhp) and a maximum torque of 650 Nm. The drive taken from the crankshaft is taken off at the centre of the engine, as is the drive to the camshaft.

Other elements which have been adopted from Volkswagen are a permanent four wheel drive, the aluminium space-frame technology of the body and the multi-link suspension.

It has not yet been decided if and when the EB 118 will go into full scale production under the direction of the Volkswagen Group who purchased the rights to the name of Bugatti automobiles in the middle of this year.

The new 6.3 litre eighteen cylinder engine from Volkswagen

The new 6.3 litre eighteen cylinder engine from Volkswagen has an output of 408 kW (555 bhp) and a maximum torque of 650 Nm. The most efficient combustion process currently available for petrol engines is used in this engine, i.e. the petrol is injected directly into the combustion chamber.

An imprint characteristic of the overall concept of the 18 cylinder engine is the use of individual components and assemblies of the established basic engine range with the cylinder spacing of 82 millimetres. Both decisive parameters and important components have been taken over from this series for the combustion process. This includes, in particular, the modified cylinder head with identical inlet and exhaust ports, the shape of the combustion chamber, the valves, the injectors and the pistons.

The construction form of the engine in 2 x 60degree W design was chosen to enable the least possible noise with the most compact overall dimensions possible. Three rows of six cylinders are made up by joining two 3 cylinder cylinder-heads on each bank. Each of these banks offers excellent mass compensation.

Furthermore, the power flow from the input shaft to the gearbox was designed to keep vibrations to a minimum.

The engine management system uses a newly designed Master-Slave-System with three six-cylinder systems. All of the components and characteristics relevant to this process operate independently of each other and are coordinated by the master control unit.

Further important characteristics of the engine construction are the use of the dry sump lubrication with a ten litre oil reservoir in the crankcase and the direct integration of a water-cooled alternator without slip-ring pick-up. The front axle differential with its own hypoid final drive oil reservoir is also integrated in a union of the crankcase and sump.

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