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The Volvo V70 - Beautiful, Versatile, Typically Scandinavian

11 January, 2000

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Designed without compromise, the new Volvo V70 simply is the best Volvo wagon ever.

In the first Volvo to be designed solely as a wagon, solutions have been introduced that would be impossible if it was developed as a sedan derivative.

Form, function and innovation work together in the Volvo V70 to refine the concept from a dependable and safe "transport vehicle" into an exciting and spacious luxury wagon, still with world-class safety.

Design Director Peter Horbury and his team have achieved an outcome that is characteristically Scandinavian - the Volvo V70 is both beautiful and versatile.

"It looks powerful - almost muscular - and timelessly elegant at the same time," he said.

"The aim has been to create an appearance that is both aerodynamic and powerful. We also wanted to give the wagon a clear sense of direction ? to create the impression that it aims straight ahead, almost like an arrow.

"We have attempted to reinforce the new Volvo look, but also to maintain the powerful heritage."

One design theme that connects the new Volvo V70 with the past is the V-shaped bonnet, which has featured in Volvos since the PV444 of the 1940s and is strongly evident in the current S40/V40, S70/V70 and S80.

At the front and rear, the upright, proud grille with its diagonal cross-bar and the vertical tailgate are Volvo signatures.

The side windows have a single, simple line running along the top from front to rear. This shows that the Volvo V70 was designed to be a wagon and is not an adapted sedan shape.

As on every Volvo wagon, the third side window is longer than the others, to show it is a true load carrier.

Horbury says the design challenge involved marrying sports car style at the front with the necessary limitations of a wagon back.

"The element that ties the two distinctly different halves together is the full-length shoulders, inherited from the Volvo S80 but also reminiscent of the mother of all wagons, the Volvo 145/245, which shared the identical feature.

"Seen from the front, the side windows begin with a very dynamic angled curvature, which is not exactly what you'd expect when creating the most efficient wagon. However, towards the rear the side windows pivot outwards, making them almost vertical when they reach the cargo area.

"This blend of reminders from the past and up-to-the-minute design creates the natural successor in a long history of Volvo wagons."

The interior also is very Volvo in character. It is roomy and airy, clean-lined without being rigid or boring, and the upholstery choice is dominated by light colours.

The basic interior design is complemented by a host of innovative ideas. Each makes an important contribution to the usefulness expected of such a vehicle by the modern family:

Shopping bag holder - The shopping bag holder solves the problem of loose groceries and other items in the luggage compartment. When not in use, if stows under the floor.

Rear-seat table - The Volvo V70 can be fitted with a table when the centre seat at the rear is not occupied, providing a useful surface for cups, books and other items. The table is hidden under the centre cushion when not required.

Waste basket - A handy waste basket is created when an ordinary paper or plastic bag is fitted to a frame that folds out of the back of the centre tunnel console. It also will hold large plastic bottles.

Coathook - Volvo designers have come up with a brilliantly simple idea ? a coat hook on the side of the front passenger's headrest, where it can be reached easily by the driver from his seat but does not obstruct side or rear vision.

Storage space - The Volvo V70 has a number of compartments and pockets for every occupant. The glove compartment has holders for pen a petrol or toll card. The centre console can be configured to suit individual needs ? for CDs or other small items, for example.

Two-position backrest - The backrest can be locked in two positions - slightly more reclining for best possible comfort, or more upright to provide a few extra centimetres of space in the luggage area.

Integrated rear seatbelts and cargo net - Converting the Volvo V70 into a full-length load carrier is easier because the rear seatbelts and cargo net are integrated into the folding backrest.

Ever since the first Volvo PV445 Duett was introduced almost 50 years ago, Volvo has been building wagons that are functional, sensible, durable and safe.

The Volvo V70 introduces further dimensions - gleaming elegance and unprecedented versatility in a package offering superb driving enjoyment.

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